Club-Restaurant for Family Eco-Recreation

Your Health is in Your Hands

"Admiral" Club

Family holidays in the canyon of the river Algeti

Our Motto

“ Your Health is in Your Hands”

Fresh Fish

Fresh fish fried exclusively on the grill, without additional fats

Active Holiday

Here you can make a small hike, to fish or just relax in the bosom of an amazing nature.


The purest spring drinking water from three sources

Buy a Fish

Here you can buy live fish for producer’s price


A family club Admiral is located in 30 km. from Tbilisi in the picturesque canyon of the river Algeti. Our club is a suburban active place for recreation for the whole family, a great place for corporate events and an excellent fish restaurant. Pure spring water and an excellent restaurant with ecologically clean and properly cooked food are waiting for you here. We use only high quality, fresh products of the local production. Fresh fish caught on your eyes, fried exclusively on the grill, without additional fats.

Here you can walk to the waterfall, take a part in extreme walking tour through the river, relax your soul and your body in the bosom of the nature.

Here you can buy live fish for the price of producer, the largest in the Caucasus.

The philosophy of our company - is health and longevity. Proper and balanced nutrition is the foundation of the health for many years. We are waiting for you!

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Club "Admiral"

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    • Club "Admiral"
    • Club "Admiral"
    • Club "Admiral"
    • Club "Admiral"

The Philosophy of the Company

Club “Admiral” wishes you health and prosperity.

About Fish

Sturgeon - one of the most ancient fishes on the Earth. She lived in the waters of the rivers 300 years ago. It really is a king-fish: a perfect taste, a storehouse of fatty and amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Especially, the sturgeon is appreciated for the black caviar, which has specific taste and is a recognized delicacy all over the world. Sturgeon meat contains glutamic acid, which gives it a peculiar taste, very similar to animal meat. The main value of sturgeon, from the nutritional and health-improving points of view, is the ratio of rare acids, which ensure the prevention of atherosclerosis.These are sulfur-containing, eicosatetraenoic and docosahexaenoic acids. The sturgeon caviar contains proteins and lipids, which play the most important role in human nutrition, as well as vitamins.

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