You can always order a natural sturgeon balyk (smoked fish), which we will prepare especially for you. Just call us and you will get a fresh, environmentally friendly balyk in a week.

Sturgeon balyk is prepared directly in our farm from freshly caught fish, without the use of so-called "liquid smoke", which is a harmful chemical substance, therefore our balyk is an environmentally friendly product, the best on the Georgian market.

We make balyk only for the order, you can order any quantity.

• Balyk (smoked sturgeon) (price 100 gr -15 GEL)
• Soft-salted Flank (tescha) of sturgeon (price 100 gr -5 GEL)
• Smoked sturgeon flank (price 100 gr -5 GEL)
• Sоft-salted sturgeon fillet (price 100 gr -15 GEL)

Order by phone, please: +(995) 599 904 619

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